Jay-Z and Alicia Keys‘ Grammy-winning song ‘Empire State of Mind’ was an anthemic love letter to their beloved city of New York. Now the two New Yorkers have teamed up to help lure businesses to the Big Apple with their piano-driven anthem.

The duo’s ‘Empire State of Mind’ is now the soundtrack to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $50 million “The New New York Works For Business” ad campaign. The goal is to attract businesses to New York so they can create jobs and raise state tax revenue. “By sending the message that New York is the place for businesses to come and thrive, we can deliver on our number one priority: creating jobs, jobs, jobs,” said Gov. Cuomo of the new campaign.

In the ad, fellow New Yorker actor Robert DeNiro touts the state’s past industrial achievements like the Empire State Building and the Unisphere behind Keys’ infectious piano loop. DeNiro attests that the “new” New York State is ready to nurture start-ups, build eco-friendly highways and support high-tech businesses. “Once again, New York State is a place where innovation meets determination and where businesses lead the world,” he says.

Of course, when DeNiro talks, everybody listens.

Gov. Cuomo’s campaign has six ads that will run nationwide on television and the Internet. To watch more videos and get more information about the program, visit the campaign’s website theNewNY.com.

Watch the ‘New New York State’ Ad Campaign

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