When looking at purchasing a car, there are things you've gotta deal with, the salesman, the test drive, the paperwork, the bank and the list goes on! One of the first things you've gotta do when looking at a car is take it for a test drive to see how you like it and how you feel in the car. Most of the time the test drive's a bit awkward because the salesman is in the car with you.

In a new ad for Pepsi MAX, this test drive ends up being funny and scary for a certain salesman. In the stunt coordinated for Pepsi MAX, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon is placed into disguise and takes an '09 Camaro on a test drive with the salesman. The salesman doesn't realize what kind of test drive he's in for.

Several donuts and ramp jumps later, this salesman has had enough and is ready to call the cops! Now, if I took a car on a test drive like this, I'd either wreck it or have the cops called on me just like that salesman threatened to do!

Check out the promo video below.