While last night may have belonged to the men, tonight it was time for the ladies on ‘American Idol‘ to answer back — and Jen Hirsh did. While at first we were skeptical of the California babe with a Jersey Shore tan, she won us over with her song of choice:  ‘One and Only’ by Adele. Hirsh started off strong and pulled off a performance that was almost flawless.

The judges bobbed their heads in unanimous approval as she both hit and missed some notes. It was towards the end of the song that Hirsh began to sound a little shaky. The breakdown is where we really wanted her to shine, and that’s where she seemed to fall flat. Steven Tyler even mentioned this when they cut to the judges panel but asserted that despite this, there was “something about her confidence that made her voice fly.”

Jennifer Lopez called her the first person of the night to “come out and let loose a little bit.” She noted that even though Hirsh did not hit every high note, she went for it and you could “feel the feeling in the song.” Randy Jackson complimented her swag and R&B style and went as far to call her one of the greatest singers in the competition. While we were digging her obvious connection to the music, we’re yet to be as convinced that Hirsh will be the ‘One and Only’ standing at the end of the competition.

Watch Jen Hirsch Perform ‘One and Only’ on ‘American Idol’