Jennifer Lopez shared stills of her video for ‘Dance Again’ video earlier this week, which made the mercury rise. Now, she has further teased us and shared 27 seconds of the actual clip, causing us to break out in a sweat. The vid is hyper sexy, and really, do you expect anything less from J to the Lo?

Lopez cavorts with her young, hot boy toy Casper Smart, who is 24 to her 42, and they are easily one of the steamiest couples caught on tape so far this year. And no, we don’t mean that kinda tape, either. Get your mind outta the gutter.

In this mega short clip, J. Lo dances, slithers around, stares longingly at her man, gets wet and glittery. She’s all sorts of dewy as she and Smart hover over one another while inverted, thanks to some cool camera angles.

It’s such a fast-paced teaser that you have to watch it three or four times to soak it all in. But don’t spend too much time on it, as the whole thing is set to premiere tonight (April 5) during ‘American Idol,’ where Lopez sits as a judge. The show starts at 8PM EST, so don’t miss it, especially since the video premiere is accompanied by an elimination of one of the hopefuls, as well.

If this preview is any indication, this video is going to be hotter than Lopez herself… And that’s pretty freakin’ hot.

Watch the Jennifer Lopez ‘Dance Again’ Teaser