The peeps at 'American Idol' -- really Jennifer Lopez, who is said to be returning after a season off, and the producers — are rallying to get Scooter Braun on the restructured judging panel.

Braun has his incredibly hands full managing Justin BieberAriana Grande and the Wanted, among others, so it's likely he doesn't have time to commit to the daily grind of 'Idol,' even if it would increase his and his artists' exposure.

The reason that 'Idol' wants Braun is because research indicated that the viewers don't care about the judges. They care about the contestants and hopefuls.

A source told TMZ that the powers-that-be think the show got off track when it became so judge-centric -- last year's ratings fell and people lost interest in the diva battle between Minaj and Carey. They want to get back to birthing music icons. While Scotty McCreery (Season 10) and Phillip Phillips (Season 11) are legit post-'Idol' stars, Season 12 winner Candice Glover has been flying really below the radar, headed for Flopville.

Speaking of below the radar, that's exactly why insiders say that Braun doesn't want the gig. He likes a degree of anonymity. While most Beliebers know who he is, that's part of their gig! It is said that Braun might have interest if he could gain managerial control over contestants he wants, regardless of whether they win or not.

And the 'Idol' saga continues...