Jennifer Lopez dealt with a wardrobe malfunction back in the winter at the Oscars when her dangerously low-cut dress migrated a little, showing a bit too much of her lovely lady lumps. She apparently suffered another nip slip, this time while she was performing on stage in Italy. So her second nip slip of 2012 was just as public as the first.

La Lopez was reportedly dancing in a sequined catsuit during a sold-out gig in Bologna last Thursday (Oct. 11 ) when an errant move caused the outfit to shift on her famously curvy body and expose a nipple to her fans.

The singer/actress/designer quickly adjusted outfit and continued to perform. A nip slip will not take down Jennifer Lopez. As if.

It's been a year of wardrobe malfunctions for Lopez, actually. She reportedly showed her Spanx onstage recently, as well.

Since J. Lo is such a fashion risk taker, these things are bound to happen. As long as she continues to don clothing, costume and attire that is cut low, super sexy or expository, she is going to have to deal with the consequences, which is the inadvertent flash of a headlight.

Something tells us that Lopez's male fans don't mind much when the superstar endures a wardrobe mishap such as this.

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