Tired of the Kardashians?  Well too bad because they're going to be around for at least three more years.  It was announced Tuesday evening that E! has renewed 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' and you won't believe for how much.

According to TMZ, Team Kardashian has signed a three year $40 Million dollar deal to continue the show.




And this would not include any potential Kim and Kanye West spinoffs. That would be a separate deal for more money. Seeing as how the Kim & Kris show generated huge ratings last year, don't be surprised to see Kim magically finding herself in a relationship, if not with Kanye, then with someone that could lead to a separate show during the ratings sweeps period.



If you're wondering how in the world they could be worth $40 million (admittedly I have wondered that myself) check out the scene at a mall in Chicago last week when the family did an appearance.