Anyone who says American Idol can't still produce real chart results needs to look no further than the current Billboard 200.

After a piano-backed performance of "Piece By Piece" in February that Idol judge Keith Urban deemed the most striking in the show's history, Kelly Clarkson's seventh LP has rocketed up the charts by more than 100 spots. After landing at No. 120 last week, the album is currently No. 6, Billboard has reported, and moved 44,000 units last week — a 682 percent spike in sales. The album debuted at No. 1 in March 2015.

The report comes after the "Piece By Piece" single's ascent to No. 1 on iTunes, and a re-release of Piece By Piece that features remixes of some of the album's tracks and a live version of ballad "Tightrope" that was recorded during Clarkson's 2015 tour.

Last week, Clarkson told Idol host Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that she was thrilled by the viral response to her teary rendition of the song, but a bit sad about how many people can relate to its recounting of an absent father.

"No one was more shocked [than I] that people liked it, because I was crying so bad…it’s awesome, but it’s kind of sad that people relate to this song,” she said. “I was afraid to watch it, because I was like ‘Oh, jeez, I don’t know if I got anything out, if I was on key.'"

Shocked Kelly's performance has led to such success? Tell us what you think of Piece By Piece.

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