When you have the highest bid in an online auction, you'd expect to receive the items, but that's not case for Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly tells Britian's The Daily Star, "I got up at 4am to start bidding on the auction."  She was bidding on a couple of items that were from one of her favorite authors, Jane Austen.  The auction was being conducted online by Sotheby's.  Kelly was bidding on a gold and turquiose ring that belonged to Austen and then on a first edition copy of her book Persuasion.

At the end of the auction, Kelly had won the items after bidding a combined $240,000 but unfortunately she couldn't take possession of them.  She tells the paper, "We put in an export request but I can’t take it out of the U.K., [because] they’ve named it a national treasure."

For the time being the items will remain in the UK, where Kelly will only be able to "visit" her auction winnings.