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It's pretty much assumed that Kellie Rasberry is the smartest cast member on the show, but she often disagrees and says there's plenty of things she doesn't know much about.

This morning the behind the scenes KiddTV producer Cami had an idea and wondered if the cast could correctly answer multiple choice questions to pass the 5th grade. Think of it like that game show 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader'! Cami asked them a variety of questions including these:

  • What is a composite number?
  • Which best describes how the sun heats the earth?
  • In 1764, British Parliament passed the ______ Act to raise money for Britain.
  • What type of map would you use to see an area's average temperature?

Cami gave them multiple choices to answer each question. So, who do you think ended up being the smartest? Also, how some cast members arrived at each answer was pretty funny too.

Coming up next week the cast will be given questions that a 6th grader should be able to answer!

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