The cast plays a version of the classic game show 'Match Game'!

The game show was extremely popular back in the mid to late 70's and was probably, if not the most favorite game show of Kellie Rasberry! The game a contestant, where they're asked a fill in the blank question and the cast secretly writes an answer to fill in the blank. Then the contestant gives an answer and we then see how many cast members the contestant matches with their answer.

Today's contestant is board operator Trey, usually the game is played for points and the points mean absolutly nothing, but in today's game Trey must match three in order to keep his job!

In today's version, we get fill in the blank questions like:

Big Al just lost his final patio decorating contest at his apartment complex before moving into his new house. His new neighbors better get ready because he plans on putting something very unconventional in his front yard, because Big Al just bought a _________.

Ana and her boyfriend just moved in together a few months ago and now her boyfriend is looking for his own place because he just found Ana ________.

Catch these silly answers and more in this edition of 'Match Game', The Kidd Kraddick version.

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