Kidd's Kids Day 2013 on Mix 93-1 is Wednesday, October 23rd. Kidd's Kids Day is the one day out of the year that Mix 93-1 and Kidd Kraddick in the Morning set aside to raise money to help send kids with a chronic or terminal illness to Walt Disney World. This once in a lifetime experience for many of the kid involved and it's made possible by the generous donations that are made by the listeners of the morning show.

Mix 93-1 will have representatives scattered throughout East Texas on Wednesday the 23rd from 6a to 9:30a collecting money so that this trip becomes reality for deserving kids, including kids right here from East Texas!

Mix 93-1 will be set up at select Tyler Burger King locations and Whataburger locations in Longview. Look for the Mix 93-1 logo'd tables and make that donation, any amount you can give is very appreciated. Every single dollar that is donated goes to making this the most memorable trip ever for these kids and their immediate families. In addition to the kids going on the trip, their parents and any siblings get to go too.

For those kids with a chronic or terminal illness, this trip is a mini-escape from their normal day to day routine (although some of their routine will continue) but at the same time this trip is for the family and siblings. Often time siblings of special need children don't receive the attention that is required, so this trip makes them feel special too.

Everything on this trip is 100% paid for by the generosity of the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning listeners. Southwest Airlines donates the plane, but all park passes, meals and souvenirs are provided and bought by the donations that are given. Mix 93-1 looks forward to seeing you drive thru our drop off locations on Wednesday, October 23rd from 6a to 9:30a.

Mix 93-1 Kidd's Kids Day 2013

Burger King - Tyler:

  • S. Broadway (across from the Cadillac dealership)
  • Hwy. 31 W @ Loop 323
  • Hwy. 64 E @ Loop 323
  • Hwy. 110 (in front of Super 1 Foods)

Whataburger - Longview:

  • 4th St. @ Loop 281
  • Spur 63 @ Hwy. 80
  • Loop 281 @ Cotton St. (near Lear Park)

Meet the East Texas children that will be joining around fifty other kids on the trip this year!

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning