Love may have been in the air for Valentine's Day, but by February 15th, folks were back to yelling and throwing pizzas in Killeen.

The video above was filmed at the Pizza Hut location at 4803 Trimmier Road in Killeen on Wednesday. It was posted to social media by Joseph Lamar, who was lucky he wasn't struck by some flying pepperoni.

Witnesses say the woman in the video ordered pizza on Valentine's Day, but was given the wrong order. When she doubled back to the store to tell them about the mistake, she was given her original order free of charge, and off she went.

Fast forward to the video above, and what you see is the end result of the woman returning to the same Pizza Hut location the next day and asking that the pizza she picked up yesterday be remade at no charge. When she was told no, the fireworks went off.

What's appalling is the look on the children's faces sitting in the lobby the whole time this is taking place. I also feel bad for the woman's daughter, who is standing next to her when the pizza starts flying, but can also be seen holding the door for her mom as they leave.

Unfortunately, it's not the first time someone has freaked out inside a Pizza place. Below are a few examples of some other folks who couldn't keep it together while picking up their pizza. Get the bleep button ready - these videos do contain some strong language.


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