If you've been in East Texas at all for the past three weeks or so, you know its been really hot and we've come to expect what the forecast has in store for us, temperatures near or above 100 degrees. However, Cedric Haynes meteorologist at KLTV decided to have some fun with his weather graphics this morning!

Looking at the graphic it's going to be nearly unbearable this weekend, especially when we return to work on Monday - expecting a high of 106! We all can look forward to a cool down to the very chilly 99 degrees on Wednesday!  That's what I thought was funny, a cool down to 99 and 98 degrees!  To me, that's still hot and although there is a difference between 106 and 99, I probably couldn't tell you the difference between the two if I were outside in the heat!

KLTV.com-Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

As Cedric points out in his forecast we really do need to take this heat seriously because it can be dangerous. Limit outdoor activities, drink plenty of water and re-hydrating fluids, take frequent breaks and above all check your car to make sure you haven't accidentally left a child or pet in your vehicle.

Heat advisories have been posted for all of East Texas. Heat index values in the afternoons can feel like 105 to 110 degrees.

To get relief from the heat and cool off you could:

  • watch a movie at the theater
  • head to a museum
  • go shopping in the mall
  • city pool/water park/splash pad
  • the public library
  • the gym
  • a friend's house

Remember to take it easy in this heat, it's only temporary. Just a few months ago we were wishing it would stop raining, now we want the heat to go away and before too long we'll want the cold to go away and to bring back the heat!

I'm not really sure if Cedric Haynes meant the forecast or graphic to be funny, but that's the way I took it because how many ways can you say it's going to be hot and around 99 to 104 over and over!