It was a typical day at the office for Ellen DeGeneres when Lady Gaga sat down for a chat on her namesake show. In a preview of Gaga’s interview, which airs on Friday, Dec. 9, the ‘Marry the Night’ singer looks like an edgy Christmas angel, with bows on her head, silver glitter eyebrows, black mesh top and black leather skirt. She mixed materials once again, and spoke about acting and fueling herself with alcohol in order to sign her tax return. Neither of those are bad things. They are signposts that Gaga has really made it. As if there was a question about that fact.

In a clip posted at Celebrity Gossip, Gaga talked about possibly embarking on a film career, admitting that she dreams of being in a Woody Allen film. Since Allen often weaves cinematic tales where Gaga’s native New York City is practically a character, it’d be a fine pairing.

Gaga also revealed that she gets offered roles without going on auditions, which is baffling to her. She wants to earn a role, not be given it! When someone tells her people she is desired for a film role, she said, “I say, ‘You’ve never see me act before.’ I want to audition and work for it. When I get offered jobs, I don’t audition. I turn them down.” When Ellen quizzed the Mother Monster about whether or not she’d officially audition, she said, “Hell yeah.” Gaga is known for her work ethic and remembers the days she had to scratch and claw her way to the top, so she’s taking nothing for granted.

Ellen also expressed shock about Gaga wrapping a tour and heading right out on another one. Gaga feigned passing out on the couch, then said, “I can’t wait. I am so excited. I love it. It’s not so different
from my day-to-day life since I don’t have a home.”

Gaga could have a home — several, even — but it’s a lifestyle choice not to commit to a mortgage. She said, “I am a gypsy. I can’t plan my life out life that so much. Gosh, what a waste of money to buy place when I am on the road. It still hurts to write a check!”

Boy, does it. She joked that when she had to sign her tax returns, she had to get completely wasted. Ah, the price of fame.

Gaga will perform ‘Marry the Night’ on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ tomorrow.

Watch Preview of Lady Gaga on ‘Ellen’

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