On the eve of the release of The Weeknd's third album, Starboy, co-collaborator Lana Del Rey shared with her Instagram followers on Thursday night a sultry preview of the track "Stargirl Interlude." The singer co-wrote the song with The Weeknd and also contributes vocals to the track.

In her Instagram video, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter sways through her kitchen to "Stargirl Interlude" before lip syncing seductively into the camera on her phone. "I had a vision / A vision of my nails in the kitchen / Scratching counter tops," she sings as she actually scratches her countertop in the video.  "I was screaming / My back arched like a cat / My position couldn't stop you were hitting it / And I shouldn't cry, but I love it, Starboy."

The downtempo tune is the second collaboration with The Weeknd; Lana Del Rey also contributes her writing talents and vocals to "Party Monster," which was released earlier this week. Del Rey previously collaborated with The Weeknd on the track "Prisoner" off the Beauty and the Madness album.

Starboy is now out for digital and CD sales, as well as streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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