No more waiting for new music from Lauryn Hill. Fans will get a chance to hear the triple threat on new tracks, as she's inked a $1 million dollar record deal with Sony! This deal comes at a great time where we're sure Lauryn can really use the money to help her mounting debt.The 'Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' singer is still facing financial woes with the IRS from tax debt that she attempting to pay.

Although reports of Hill being sentenced to prison due to not meeting her 2005 - 2007 tax obligations, she's still a free woman because her sentencing was pushed back to May 6 to give her a chance to pay off her tax debt.

Hill is supposedly going to take out a loan, plus with the $1 million dollar recording contract, pay off her $968,000 tax debt.

We have faith that Hill will get her financial house in order, and we can't wait for the new music! We can't let that much God-given talent go to waste.

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