Can me crazy, but I feel like ice cream needs to be on the food pyramid for people living in the state of Texas. It should be its own food group and it’s probably best when consumed daily. Now, please understand that it is not a doctor saying those things, it’s just some guy who really likes ice cream. But it sounds good, right? Let’s look at some of the restaurants or fast-food locations that are serving up really good milkshakes in East Texas, most specifically in Tyler. 


Each restaurant location is going to put their own spin on the always delicious milkshake they create for their customers. But it always starts with some ice cream then you need to add milk, often malt powder is used and possibly cookies, candy, or other syrup flavors depending on your preference. But once everything gets mixed together you get the best part of your day and that is enjoying a delicious milkshake.  

Milkshakes Are Great All Year Round 

So, we all know that Texas can get extremely hot and humid in the summertime, but milkshakes are good all year round. Don’t cut yourself off from milkshakes just because it’s not hot outside. It’s proven that milkshakes make your day better, I’m not sure how it was proven, but it sounds good when you say it out loud. 

Let’s Look at the Best Milkshake Options 

Here is a look at your best options when you’re craving a milkshake in East Texas and most specifically in Tyler, Texas.  

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