According to TMZ, Lil Wayne is back in the hospital due to seizures, but it's much worse than last time. He's in critical condition, and his family is on the way to the hospital, planning for the worst.

After Weezy was found unconscious in his hotel room on Wednesday by his bodyguard -- apparently due to an overdose of Sizzurp (a drink comprised of codeine syrup and soda) -- he was taken to a hospital in L.A. where they pumped this stomach three times. He's been shaking uncontrobablly in the ICU, and they've been unable to stabalize him. TMZ are reporting that his family and friends, including his mother, are rushing over to the hospital, as it looks like he may not make it.

Just Tuesday night (March 12), Weezy was admitted to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles after suffering a bout of seizures while shooting a video for Birdman‘s single ‘Tapout.' He was released the next morning.

UPDATE at 9:15: Fellow friends and rappers Mack Maine and Birdman have posted some updates on Twitter since TMZ's story broke, to clarify that Lil Wayne is NOT in critical condition. They imply that he is on mend and will be heading home soon.

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