LMFAO are just as famous for their goofy onstage antics as they are for their catchy-as-double-hockey-sticks hits. It’s hard to even fathom where some of their more out there ideas come from (like, say, a dancing neon zebra), but the hip-pop duo revealed their biggest influences and interests, as well as the philosophies they swear by, in a new interview.

In a chat with the New York Times, Redfoo did most of the talking. Redfoo was born Stefan Gordy and is the son of Motown mogul Berry Gordy — a link that he says played a huge role in his approach to music.

“The same reason why we’re doing music is the same reason why Motown did: to make the world a better place and to make people happy,” Redfoo said. “The main message is, just have a good time.”

The band doesn’t believe they’re a “joke band,” despite their lighthearted attitudes and performances. Sky Blu wasn’t bothered by the misconception, telling the Times, “I don’t think it bothers me. We’re just funny people that make music seriously.”

Redfoo expounded with a comparison to legendary mockumentary ‘This Is Spinal Tap.’ “A joke band is making fun of bands. When I hear that stuff, I’m like, they just don’t see what it really is,” he said. “There are bands that make parodies of being in a band, like Spinal Tap. That’s a big influence. They’re making fun of a rock band, but they write lyrics that are better than real rock bands,” Redfoo added. “And Tenacious D: They’re funny, and I don’t think they’re making fun of bands. Even Steel Panther, who are inspirations to us, they’re kind of like doing a whole hair-metal thing, but these dudes are really talented.”

Someone else they think is talented? Dubstep king Skrillex.  “I met him at a Steve Aoki party,” Redfoo said of asymmetrically-styled DJ. “His first EP hit, and it was like, what is this sound? What is this growling? This is so hard, but then it’s so beautiful,” he gushed. “That was the thing with Skrillex: It can be so beautiful, and then it can go so raw, kind of like System of a Down.”

Redfoo also talked about living with Sky Blu for a bit. Apparently Sky, who’s also his nephew, is a pretty easy roomie to have. “I had an apartment, and he used to sleep on the floor, and he was pretty good. If he used a sleeping bag, he’d tidy it up,” Redfoo said. Then he revealed something spooky. “Then we moved into the house. We call it the Wonderland house. It was the real house where the Wonderland murders took place,” Redfoo said.

For those unaware, the Wonderland murders and the Wonderland house have a pretty sinister history, culminating with four murders in 1981 that were suspected to be by a porn star’s hand. You can check out the details of the case here.

“We didn’t know it at first,” Redfoo said of their home’s prior tenants. “The house was $2,500 a month; we were like, ‘Score!’” So did it freak them out? Not necessarily, but they still took some precautions. “I don’t really believe in the supernatural, as far as the negativity,” Redfoo said. “Our parents were upset and scared. We saged the house.” (Saging is a method some spiritualists use to cleanse houses of negative energy.)

One thing the ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’ duo does believe in? ‘The Secret.’ “I would say it’s even stronger than a belief; to me it’s hard-wired as science, as a fact,” Redfoo said of the positive thinking guide. “We do it every day: whatever you imagine, whatever you think about it, what you’re drawn to is what you attract in your life. If you’re thinking about making a hit song, and you think I want everybody in the world to love it, then you kind of make it up, and you do it.”

Watch the LMFAO ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’ Video

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