It looks like the 2019-2020 school year will be a much more financially satisfying one for teachers in Longview. Texas.  This year, approximately $8 million dollars is slated to boost teacher pay in the East Texas school district.

According to CBS19, the funds are set to be officially allocated to the educator's pay raises on August 23rd.  That's when the school board will meet and formally approve the money supplied to the district by House Bill 3.  HB3, signed into law by Governor Abbott in June, provides $11.6 billion for Texas schools for classrooms, increasing teacher compensation, reducing recapture, transportation, and cutting local property taxes.

This money is set to make changes in every school district in the Lone Star State, and according to the report - one teacher in Longview has already received a pleasant surprise.  Ned E. Williams Elementary School third grade teacher Elexis Coby learned that she would be making $6,720 more a year than she signed on for!

The pay increases aren't going just to teachers, either.  According to, the funds will also benefit school nurses, librarians and counselors - plus, future full-time employees.  Basically, everyone except administrators.

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