If you live in Longview, then you already know that Pizza King is "The King" when it comes to pies in the city. The Pizza King love has been growing beyond the city, thanks to love and raves on social media despite having just one location but this week, you'll be able to get more of what you love with a new location!


According to a Facebook Post, The New location Will Be On 4th Street.

The exciting news received over 600 shares and counting on Facebook as the local Pizza restaurant announced that its new location will open up on Tuesday May 31st from 3pm - 9pm. The post added that these will be their "temporary hours" for the its opening week.

They Have Been Teasing The New Location on Social Media Over The Last Few Months.

Things started getting exciting in April when they posted that construction was underway for the new location. Here we are just a few months later and the building "retro" style look similar to the original Pizza King location on Marshall Avenue is up and ready to roll.


"We will be gladly serving you Hot & Fresh Carry Outs, or Take-N-Bakes."

The new location will also give residents on the North side of Longview an easier commute to enjoy a delicious Pizza King pie. The restaurant has been a staple in the Longview community since 1965 and to see its continued growth is a great thing to see! What's your favorite Pizza from Pizza King?

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