No Doubt has always been known for their super-girl-power lyrics and unconventional style, but America’s distaste for their latest music video, “Looking Hot,” is not something even Gwen Stefani’s red lips can pout away.Only a few short hours after its debut, the video received so much criticism for its Native American theme and attire that the group pulled it from all outlets.

From the few clips left on the Internet, I have gathered that “Looking Hot” features Stefani writhing around in Native American garb and feathers while the other band members toss her around—dressed up as cowboys and brandishing guns, no less.

As a thorough enjoyer of poking fun at all stereotypes, I am actually very disappointed to not have been able to see the video in its entirety.

It seems No Doubt went all out with headdresses, teepees and even smoke signals.  In a statement on their website, No Doubt says that although they had “consulted with Native American friends and Native American studies experts at the University of California,” they now realize that they have offended people.

No duh, No Doubt! You’re no Chris Brown! Too bad your moms can’t defend your choice of outfits like Ms. Joyce Brown, AKA @mombreezy, did for her son.  Maybe if you had chosen a Taliban motif, you’d be getting less grief—as it seems more acceptable to make fun of the “Indians” on THAT side of the ocean.

All in all, No Doubt is really, really sorry America.

No Doubt's Official Apology