Relationships are hard and they must be managed and when they're not, it usually leads to some issues that need to be sorted out and when that happens The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's 'Love Expert' is here to help steer those troubled relationships.

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Kellie Rasberry has been helping members of KiddNation with their relationships for quite a while now. A member wrote in to Kellie this morning seeking advice on how to handle an eight year old relationship with a woman who wants to get married again but he doesn't because he has been through some pretty hard times and has a hard time sharing and showing emotions. Basically Kellie tells him that the most loving thing he can do is...let her go. Find out why she says that to him.

Then another member has found a man that treats her like a queen and connects on so many levels, but has strong connections to his ex. They have a 22 year old kid and still do 'family' things together and they are still close and communicate by text quite often. He reassures her, but this member is struggling with his friendship with his ex and how to handle it.

Plus, Kellie gives advice to another member who wants to remarry the ex-husband but is that smart move for the kids involved? Kellie gives her advice.

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