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Kellie Rasberry is back to giving advice to members of KiddNation, who are seeking it, about their relationships.

When a member of KiddNation is facing an issue with their relationship and they're not sure how to handle it or address it, they simply write her a letter seeking her advice. In today's episode one member has a parenting question for Kellie and she's seeking her opinion. At what point should a parent pay their child to do a task? When it comes to chores and an allowance and earning money.

Then another member is asking about her college fling. She has met a guy and now that the end of school is here she's going back home and is wondering if its just too much trouble to try to keep in touch with this guy during the summer break.

While this member of KiddNation has learned that her ex-husband, the father of her children, recently remarried and she did not have any idea. Her kids have not even mentioned that their dad remarried. She is wondering if she should say something or is it none of her business.

And then there's a situation with a brother who has gotten a toxic woman pregnant. Kellie gives her great advice to these KiddNation members on their relationship issues

Listen to "Love letters To Kellie- Will This College Fling Survive The Summer?" on Spreaker.

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