Yesterday afternoon when I signed off the air, I mentioned that I would be going out to the East Texas Fair, but what I didn't realize is how much fun I would have with my daughter, wife and friends! When it comes to the fair, its usually all about the rides and food, but there's so much more to it than that.

Our afternoon began with a $25 unlimited ride arm band for my daughter (the best deal in my opinion when it comes to the rides) and she and her friend rode all of the kid rides and several of the bigger rides too. These kids had the best time and I always get joy when it comes to her having fun. Seeing her run around wanting to ride one after the other was great!

Of course, you've gotta have some fair food to complete the trip to the fair and we had our fair share too! Of course, we had corn dogs, hamburgers, drank a ton of Dr. Pepper (thanks to the $10 cup deal we found that had unlimited refills!) and rounded it off with a funnel cake, nut covered caramel apple and a rainbow snow cone!

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

The East Texas Fair offers more than rides and food, there's livestock, vendor booths and other exhibits to check out and one of our favorites that we discovered was in the Youth & Education Building - Building E. This building was called AgriWorld and featured a walk through of the book Charlotte's Web. It really wasn't about the story, but featured characters and scenes from the story but focused on farm life - from growing food, composting, insects and more. Also, one of the neatest things in the building was the over sized aquarium with live fish along with a display of eggs and baby chicks.

This display was very cool because it had eggs sitting in an incubator waiting for the eggs to hatch. In this display there were 4 baby chicks trying to walk around and had several other eggs with dates on them, their 'to be born' date! I wished one of those new baby chicks would have cracked his shell while we are standing around watching them! That would have been really cool.

Then there's the livestock area. Unfortunately at the time we went through the barns there were just a few cattle on display but nothing else. However, you can see horses, chickens, pigs, sheep and more as competitions go on all week long through local FFA programs.

So see there is more to do at the East Texas Fair than just rides and food! When you head out to the fair this year with your kids, take it all in and make some great memories. Oh and don't forget to hit the ATM too!