In January 2017, the Mail Online published an article that listed information on the twin girls who are now Madonna's adopted daughters — including their names, race, age and that they lived in an orphanage in Malawi and were in the process of being adopted by the singer. Now, Madonna has accepted damages of an undisclosed sum from Associated Newspapers, the publishing company that owns the Mail Online, over “serious invasion of privacy."

Madonna brought the case to a high court in London for what her solicitor Jenny Afia described as "potentially life-changing implications for the girls" by jeopardizing their safety during the adoption process.

“The Mail Online published it at a time when, as the journalist ought to have appreciated, Madonna would be powerless to protect the girls from harm," Afia said.

Madonna has promised to donate the money from the damages to Mercy James Institute for Paediatric Surgery in Malawi. Afia said it was a silver lining that "some good" could come of the fact that it had caused Madonna and her daughters-to-be "considerable personal distress and anxiety." The girls, Stella and Estere, are now officially Madonna's adopted children.

When responding to a reporter from the Guardian, a spokesman from Mail Online said that "We had no intention whatsoever of exposing the girls to any harm and no reason to believe that they were in fact exposed to harm.”

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