Have you had something stolen off your front porch? It happens more frequently during the holidays, so some people are taking an extra precaution.

A Washington State man is fighting back against porch pirates with a device he created that will certainly make them think twice about taking packages from someone's front porch. And it’s gaining worldwide attention.

I got tired of all my packages coming up missing.

ABC Houston recently reported on “The Blank Box”, created by Jaireme Barrow to keep thieves from stealing packages off his front porch.  He was so fed up that he decided to rig a box that detonates when lifted. Suffice it to say,  these thieves bolt in fear while you sit and laugh while watching your laptop.

Does "The Blank Box" work?  Check out the videos below and above - try not to laugh.

The way he jumped over the fence you would have thought he was in the Winter Games.

I bet she used to run track by the way she took off.

Barrow “Blank Box” sells for $49.99 and has gotten inquiries from Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom.  Fox 4 reports that he’s sold out for the holidays, but promises to stay busy fulfilling orders.

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