After several pleas from concerned parents of children battling cancer, Mattel has agreed to create a “Bald & Beautiful’ Barbie for children next year! This comes as great news for children suffering from Leukemia and other cancers that just want to simply feel accepted and “fit in”.

A huge Facebook campaign emerged for the ‘Bald & Beautiful’ Barbie doll after parents joined together with children expressing that there is not a doll that “looks like them” on the market. With 158 thousand “likes” on Facebook, Mattel ultimately felt the pressure and folded to the demands of cancer patients and their supporters.


Alan Hilowitz, a Mattel spokesperson said:

“The new doll will “provide girls with a traditional fashion play experience.”

The Barbie does not have prototype or name at this time, but will be available to purchase next year!

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Do you think the Bald Barbie is a good idea?