The prosecution and the defense have both presented and rested their cases, so now the fate of Dr. Conrad Murray will be decided by a jury. The decision on whether or not Murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter regarding the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson now rests in the jury’s hands. Deliberations are underway today for a jury comprised of seven men and five women, reports Billboard.

Murray stands accused of being reckless with Jackson’s life and of committing egregious errors in medical judgment and participating in questionable activity by administering the singer with propofol, a surgical anesthetic with deadly consequences when used improperly and outside the hospital setting. The prosecution urged the jury to convict the not-so-good doc, as he left America without a pop music treasure and more importantly, he left three children without a father. Jackson was just 50 when he died in June of 2009.

Murray’s defense attorney Ed Chernoff offered the controversial viewpoint that Jackson injected himself with the fatal dose, but many medical experts testified that such a scenario was highly unlikely. Witnesses testified on behalf of Murray, also a cardiologist with a practice in Houston, saying that he was a kind and caring doctor. However, medical experts offered damning testimony, saying that giving Jackson propofol at his own behest was akin to the inmate running the asylum. Murray never should have allowed Jackson access to the drug to use as a sleep aid at any time while under Murray’s care.


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