This isn't a '#Beautiful' scene for Miguel. The celebrated singer, last seen duetting with Mariah Carey, was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles this morning (Aug. 15). Ut oh.

Cop flagged Miguel, born Miguel Jontel Pimintel, at around 2:15AM for speeding down a Cali highway in a 2013 BMW X6 with tinted windows. That was their first clue that something was up, according to TMZ.

The officers smelled booze on the singer and performed field sobriety tests on the singer, 27, which he promptly and epically failed.

According to the breathalyzer administered on the scene, Miguel hit a .10 and .11. Cali's legal limit is .08. Tsk tsk. That's seriously no bueno.

Miguel was arrested and booked at a local station and later released on $5,000 bail.

He will head to court in September and probably regrets that this incident will 'Adorn' his record now.

Drinking and driving is bad news, Miguel. You could kill someone or yourself.

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