When Miguel performed at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, we're sure neither he, nor an unsuspecting fan, would think they would be embroiled in a legal battle. But here we are, a few weeks after the 'Adorn' singer accidentally drop kicked his fan, and now she and her lawyer are alleging she has possible brain damage.

According to TMZ, Khyati Shah's lawyer alleges that his client is having difficulties from the blow delivered to her head by Miguel's foot. He said, "Some of the difficulties she's experiencing are cognitive in nature and lead to suspicion of a neurological head injury." If proven true, that is no good.

The lawyer is also not satisfied with the medical treatment Shah received after her injury, saying the ice pack the award show personnel gave her was not enough. He goes so far as to say Shah should have been rushed to the hospital instead.

Shah has undergone neurological tests to determine the extent of damage, if in fact there was any. She should receive the results some time next week, which will determine whether she will take legal action against the R&B crooner.

We hope Miguel is lawyer'ed up, because this girl is not messing around!

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