After producers of the Billboard Awards tried to shift the blame (and possible legal liability) from themselves by saying they forbid Miguel from doing that stage jump that ended with him leg-dropping a fan in the face, the singer is claiming he was never told any such thing.

The victim, who was allegedly fine at the time, is now said to be suffering possible brain damage -- and a distinct case of the lawsuits.

Miguel's camp told TMZ he practiced the jump twice during rehearsals, but was never told not to perform the stunt during the live show. "The reports claiming that Miguel was warned by producers not to jump are completely false," his rep asserts.

In fact, according to the singer's team, producers even asked Miguel if he planned to go ahead with the leap so they could be sure to get it on tape.

This is in direct opposition to sources close to the Billboards production staff, who claim that after rehearsals, Miguel was told by the show's executive producer to nix the jump from his live performance.

As for the victim, Miguel's rep said, "A number of attempts were made to reach Khyati and her lawyer after the performance to see how she was doing and whether any assistance could be offered."

(If you're not aware, she's had some tests run and is awaiting results to see if having her head bounced off the edge of a stage did indeed leave a mark.)

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