Miley Cyrus appeared on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' this week to promote 'Bangerz' and to show off her "gets it" personality. The singer performed an a cappella version of 'We Can't Stop' as the center square in a 'Brady Bunch'-style grid.

It was pretty awesome, as Miley sang to and winked at her vocal harmonizers. She also explained to the late night host that she does a lot more than twerk and stick out that famous tongue.

Cyrus was the couch guest and she fake argued, talk-to-the-hand-style, with Fallon about previous experiences working with him, using fake mannequin arms so she didn't have to use her real, tanned, "carrots with hands" arms. The funny and scripted chat led to the fake arms skit at Smiley's Nail Salon. Miley the manicurist? It's hilarious.

Cyrus also said that she "wore off" the Rolling Stone tattoo on the bottom of her feet and that not much is left of the words. She also had a giggle at the crazy fan tattoo with the wrecking ball and a YOLO foam finger.

Cyrus revealed that she used to buy Britney Spears and Metallica CDs, since she was musically bipolar.

The singer then explained that her 'SNL' turn was a chance to remind people that she is an entertainer. "I don't just twerk and lick stuff. I can sing, and I can act a little bit," she joked.

And that, PopCrushers, is why Miley wins. She has really won us over many times during the intense promo week for 'Bangerz.'

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