It's hard to believe that anyone living in the ultra-connected world of 2019 could feel lonely, but they do.  It's mystifying how humans have, in some cases, invented several social media outlets with the express intent of fostering communication and ended up isolating themselves from the world.

Despite how easy it is to "connect" with someone, that's exactly how 11% of Millennials responded to a recent survey.   According to the official results from the YouGov survey, if you are between the ages of 23 and 38 - you are a part of the loneliest generation.  A full 30% of people in this age group reported feeling lonely "often," and in some cases "always," as opposed to 20% of Gen X and 15% of Boomers who said they feel the same.

What's even sadder is that a full 30% also claim to have no best friend, and 20% said they had no friends at all.  The craziest part of this phenomenon is that some of the respondents admit to having several friends, yet still hold onto the perception that they're all alone.  Vice interviewed one of the survey participants after the data was collected

I suppose the best lesson to learn from this survey is this: While online friends are fun and casual, ask them out (as in outside) to coffee every once in a while.  A like, comment, and/or share is cool - but human interaction is critical to your mental and physical health.

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