The Minions accidentally kill people and Sandra Bullock is evil. Why are we thinking this is a cute movie for the kids?  

Maybe you're not thinking that. But on Thursday I was thinking it would be a silly, cute, fun movie for the kids to see since they loved the 'Despicable Me' movies so much. After we saw 'Minions' on Friday I found myself feeling confused!

There are some pretty witty jokes to appreciate, and the Minions are lovable in banana-meets-ET like ways. But what did you think of the movie overall?

'Minions' tells the story of the their search for an evil leader, and each time they find one to serve, they're so clumsy that they end up killing that leader and starting over. They accidentally send a T-Rex into a fiery pit of lava, and they kill Dracula by opening the curtains and letting in sunlight.

At one point Sandra Bullock's character says, "Doesn't it feel good to be BAD?!" I don't want people and animals to die in kids' movies in what seems like gratuitous ways, and I don't want the kids walking away thinking that Sandra Bullock's rocket-ship-getaway dress is a true definition of "uplifting."

Maybe I'm still on a high from 'Inside Out' that had depth and redemption, and positive emotional tidbits to take away for kids and adults. With 'Minions,' the only thing I took away was a popcorn hangover.

My theater clapped at the end of the showing on Friday, and the kids said they liked it and want the DVD when it comes out, so maybe I'm the only one wondering why it was so great.

It's No. 1 with $115 million made over the weekend, and it's the second-biggest animated opening ever.  But was the audience expecting something different than they got?

Maybe some of us were.

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