Mug shots can be rather embarrassing for some. When you're asked to smile for the police department camera you're often not looking your best and you've most likely had a pretty bad day!

I can honestly say that it's been quite a while since I've seen a reaction like I've seen from a post from the Mix 93-1 website and Facebook page on a story that we've written! We've seen some of our post reach thousands of people across Facebook and most of the time we get the likes we're looking for along with comments, but what happened yesterday was out of the ordinary!

See, I get alerts when someone comments on our page and yesterday afternoon I was receiving more notifications than usual and had to find out which story I posted on the Mix 93-1 Facebook that was getting the most attention! It was the story about the accused credit card skimmer suspect. After reading the comments, they were directed at this suspect and I had never seen a reaction like I did yesterday. The comments were entertaining, but at the suspects expense though. Guessing mainly its because he's accuse of stealing money from those just using a credit card at a machine.

Here are some of the ones that had me laughing yesterday afternoon:

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