Mix 93-1 knows of a lot of mom's who are deserving of a day of pampering at the spa along with a little splurging with something sweet too! We have been looking for an East Texas mom to give this Mother's Day prize package to and we have found her!

Thanks to all of the entries that were submitted into the contest. It was hard to pick a winner because there were so many that deserved to win. In the end there was only one prize package and that went to Veronica Medina of Tyler! Veronica will be treating her mom to a day at the spa thanks to Belladonna Day Spa on Old Bullard Road in Tyler and giving her some sweets too from Nothing Bundt Cakes on S. Broadway in Tyler.

Veronica wrote us the following about her mom:

My mom, a single parent to three wonderful children hasn't had the most glorious life. Back in 2009 she lost her closest brother, then three months later she lost a baby boy. It took her a lot of time and prayer to come where she is now.

She is the sweetest and most kind woman I know, she has opened her doors to her nieces, nephews, sisters and friends. She doesn't have all the money in the world, the nicest home or fancy things, but my mom always has the heart to help others. She has the sweetest soul ever. She's always there for anyone that needs help. She is the most caring nurse and hard working mom. My mom deserves the world, just as much as any other mom that cares for her children as much as she does. Now, working 12 hour shifts 4 to 5 nights a week at the hospital, she hardly has time for herself. She's busy with my little brother’s baseball, taking care of my ill grandparents, and catching up on sleep. I wish more than anything to give my mom a day away from the pain.

She hides it, but I know she hurts. She works and tries hard for her babies. And for those reasons, she deserves a day at the spa and sweets!

Mix 93-1 thanks Veronica for sharing the story of her mom along with every one else that told us a story about their mom. Congratulations goes to Veronica on winning the prize package and to the runner-ups as well.

We hope all the mom's in East Texas have a very Happy Mother's Day.