Mondays aren't any worse than Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday it appears.

School kids and workers have griped about Mondays for years, but this new report says we might as well complain about several other days while we're at it.

A new study from Stony Brook University in New York looked at Gallup data, and says the first four days of the week are pretty much the same in terms of mood. None of the first four days are favorites. Here's the kicker...some say Sunday is actually the most dreaded day of the week because that's the day people start anticipating Monday. Oh dear. For that matter, we might start getting the blahs on Saturday too in anticipation of the Monday dreads on Sunday.

There's also an interesting University of Vermont study that looked at two million posts on social networking sites and found the most negative words are used on Wednesday. What's up with that? Are we so far into the week by then we're just plum frustrated? Did you notice the Wednesday grumbles on Facebook yesterday?

Well happy Thursday! The weekend is near and your stress is almost gone. And if you're having a bad day, I've found chocolate helps.

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