The second annual Simply Hired Job Seeker Survey reveals that when it comes to our jobs, some things truly are more important than money.

In fact, 82 percent of current job-seekers would take a position with lower pay in a field they enjoy over a job in a different field that pays more.

What’s more, 63 percent defined success as doing something they love, and 36 percent of respondents defined success as advancing their talents and abilities.

The survey also found 90 percent of people looking for work used the Internet as a search tool, and more than half cited the business networking site LinkedIn as the most effective social media utility for job-hunting.

Among those who were currently scoping out jobs, 40 percent had been laid off, but 27 percent were employed and simply looking for something else. More than half of all survey respondents listed insurance or health care as their top non-negotiable job benefit, and almost a third felt it was important to work at a company that is eco-friendly.

Gautam Godhwani, co-founder and chief executive officer of the online job search website SimplyHired, said, “[Today's] job-seekers are looking for more than just financial security — they prefer jobs that fit their personal requirements, whether that means location, benefits or even the company’s recycling policy.”