With flights being so expensive lately, and many flights being cancelled or delayed for a variety of reasons, there are more people that are looking into trips or vacations that don’t include air travel. When thinking about a trip that doesn’t involve flying, that often means a vacation rental from either Airbnb or VRBO. Both are great options when looking for a vacation rental around Texas or some of our surrounding states. But if you want to stay close to home and have a big family, the most expensive rental in Lindale, Texas is perfect for the whole family to relax and enjoy a few days away from home. 

This place is a little slice of heaven sitting on 5 acres of land, with the main areas fenced in and plenty of sidewalks to enjoy so you can take a nice walk and take in the scenery. As I was looking through the photos of this gorgeous home and property, I kept seeing so many things that kids would love, including lots of costumes for playing dress up. It made sense as I was reading the listing and one of the home owners is a homeschooling mom so she knows how to keep kids happy. 

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This Lindale, TX Airbnb Not Just for Kids 

While there is plenty of stuff to do for the kids, adults will have a great time here too. There is a very nice hot tub outside that is perfect for relaxing after the kids are in bed. If you enjoy kayaking, there is a place to make that happen on the property too. You can do it all at this 7-bedroom and 4-bathroom rental.  

How Much Does the Lindale, TX Airbnb Cost? 

This one specifically is bigger than most rentals, so it’s going to cost more. The rental price for this place is $1,432 per night prior to cleaning and service fees. It’s might be a bit expensive but if you make it a family reunion type event, you could split the costs and there is still plenty of room for everyone. Check out the photos for yourself. 

Most Expensive Airbnb in Lindale, Texas

It's got 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, it's large enough for a family reunion or a nice staycation with the kids.

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