Toddlers get in to everything. They can constantly leave a path of kid destruction in their wake too, if I'm being honest. When a little one gets a little out of hand, as parents, we pull out just about anything to get them to calm down. An easy go-to is a snack! But one mother is now sending a warning to parents after her child's grandmother made an innocent mistake.

Nikki Teixeira said her 18-month-old son Logan ate hand sanitizer last month after the boy's grandmother mistook it for food.

Teixeira recently purchased the hand sanitizer for her 7-year-old to take to school.

"Please DO NOT buy these cute hand sanitizer pouches from Wal-Mart that can easily be mistaken for a food pouch," Teixeira said on Facebook.

She says she usually stores the boy's snacks in his diaper bag, and that the boy's grandma (who was babysitting him at the time) thought it was a food puree.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Teixeira recounted what happened.

“He took a sip and immediately turned red and started coughing," she said, "So [his grandma] grabbed it from him and then immediately saw it was hand sanitizer”.

The boy's grandma called 911 after the child became sleepy.

Teixeira says the mistake happened because of the hand sanitizer's packaging.

"All of the medical professionals were appalled to see how much this pouch resembled food packaging," Teixeira said. "The ER doctor even took it upon herself to send a picture to her colleague who works with poison control in attempt to raise awareness."

The image Teixeira shared honestly does resemble a snack pouch or food puree pouch a baby would enjoy. The hand sanitizer was decked out with pink and purple coloring, along with a smiling character from the movie Trolls: World Tour.

***To all parents/guardians of babies and small children***

Please DO NOT buy these cute hand sanitizer pouches from...

Posted by Nikki Teixeira on Tuesday, August 25, 2020


The incident happened in August and Teixeira said at the time that she'd like to see the product removed from store shelves.

Smart Care, the company that marketed the sanitizer, told ABC News that was being done.

“We were recently made aware of a concern expressed by a part regarding our hand sanitizer sold in a .84-ounce pouch. We took this concern seriously and immediately removed the product from retail," the company said.

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