Don't let people fool you, Texas has a HUGE love for skateboarding (in fact we have two of the biggest skate parks you'll ever find in the United States). One of the biggest supporters of skateboarding is Bam Margera -- he loves & breathes skateboarding. This was absolutely noticeable while on MTV or with his brother's band, CKY.

Bam recently posted on his Instagram account that he's gonna get more involved in Texas politics. How? By wanting to build more skate parks in the entire state.

How is Bam Margera going to build more skate parks in Texas?

On Friday afternoon, Bam posted this image along with Texas Governor Candidate, James Bills. He posted this showing his support for James's backing for building more "municipal state-backed skate parks".

Of course, Bam Margera HAS been to Texas before; recently he was at the Wonderlands of the Americas Mall in San Antonio, where he got to meet some of his die-hard fans.

And of course, he's been seen skating in San Marcos in late 2023. So yes, even though Bam has done his share of skating on the West & East Coast, he occasionally likes to come down to visit Texas every now & then.

Wanting to build more local skateparks is certainly an admirable cause for Bam. But the big question is...

Who exactly is James Bills?

Well for those who have never met, or heard of, Coach James Bills, according to his very own website, he attended Aldine Eisenhower High School, just north of Houston, Texas. He's a newcomer to the Texas Governor race having recently started his campaign at the start of 2024 with the promise of uniting the United States "like never before".

Well if this IS what Bam wants to do, he's always welcome to come down to El Paso & share his love of skateboarding with the Sun City. He can always visit the local park that Tony Hawk included on one of his DVDs, he can do a clinic with our very own Gavin Kish, or maybe we can finally bring back Surf Turf. The possibilities certainly can be endless...

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