The Patriots won and Mandee won, but there for a minute I thought we wouldn't. Just before 9 p.m. last night, with just a couple of minutes left in the game I realized that I had the current winning square for the final score.

The Seahawks had driven back down to field, helped by an unbelievable catch from Jermain Kearse and were suddenly in the red zone.

About the time Boyfriend and I realized I had the 8/4 square, a friend texted, "You have the winning square now, right?!?! ... Rooting for no change!!"

I replied, "I just realized that!!! I need a turnover lol"

She replied, "Yes, you do!! ... Fingers are crossed!!!!"

And then this happened...

Watch Tom Brady's response on the sidelines. I looked about the same squealing with delight jumping off of the love seat. I had just picked up $125, or had I?

The Patriots could take a knee. There was less than a minute left, but they were in the end zone. No knee. They needed a Seahawk lineman to jump before the snap. Check. The Pats just needed to take the victory formation twice, but after the first one - this happened.

Tempers were flaring, but as the game came to an end. Brett, the keeper of the squares money, sent me this text, "Winner winner chicken dinner," and it was a reality.

Quick back story. I have played this squares game twice. I am two for two on the final score of the game. Both grids I bought four squares, and both times I announced to the room at large what needed to happen for me to get in the money - and it happened.

Mandee Montana, Townsquare Media
Mandee Montana, Townsquare Media

Weird but true, and this morning I became $125 richer as Brett, Lucky Larry and Big Stew burst into the studio throwing money at me!

Pats win. Mandee wins.


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