As many residents of an East Texas neighborhood slept, the heavy rains in East Texas on Friday caused a creek to rise and overflow its banks.  In a matter of minutes, an entire neighborhood was submerged in water and mud.

Witnesses indicate that within moments water that had been waist high suddenly reached the roofs of houses in the 100 block of Timber Lane in Palestine.

For one family, escape proved to be impossible and in the end, a tragic loss of life occurred as 64-year-old Lenda Asberry and her grandchildren 6-year-old Jamonicka Johnson; 7-year-old Von Anthony Johnson Jr.; 8-year-old Devonte Asberry and 9-year-old Venetia Asberry all perished in the water.

Some residents made it to the roofs of their homes before the flood waters gave way. Merta White was waiting to be rescued from the roof of her house when she saw something floating in the water.  She began screaming when she recognized that it was a body.

Rescuers recovered the bodies of the missing family early Saturday morning.

The Red Cross has set up a makeshift shelter in Palestine.. Between 20 and 30 people were displaced by the floods, according to Red Cross spokeswoman Anita Foster.