Don’t get us wrong — we love Nelly Furtado. But her performance of her new single ‘Big Hoops’ during the Billboard Music Awards fell a bit short of our expectations. With such big hits as ‘I’m Like a Bird’ and ‘Maneater,’ we were excited to see what the songstress had in store for us tonight.

For starters, Furtado was a fashion faux-paux sporting an all-black outfit that was not very flattering and topping it off with a pair of bright red plastic hipster frames. While stars like Cee Lo Green are known for their over the top theatrics on stage (which we felt Furtado was going for), it just didn’t work for us.

The performance wasn’t necessarily better, even with “the bigger the better” phrase constantly repeated in this song coinciding with dancers using stilts and hula hoops; it was more flashy than classy, and left us unsure of what direction Furtado is currently going in with her career.

Watch Nelly Furtado Perform ‘Big Hoops’ at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards

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