If there is ever a dull moment around here, it sure is hard to find. I never come to work and not leave without laughing at something or thinking about the crazy things that happened during the day. For instance, about 2 motnhs ago, a big box came in with our t-shirt cannon in it. All of the guys were in hysterics and just so excited. Seeing all of these grown men get excited like a little kid on Christmas made me laugh. One of the guys even stated that it was like Christmas. Well to shoot this t-shirt cannon, you have to have some CO2, so we couldnt shoot it out that day. A week or so later, we got some CO2 and all of the guys went crazy. Everyone in the office went to watch them shoot it off in the back sales room, then they shot it out the back door and people were chasing the t-shirts in the back parking lot. One of the t-shirts actually hit my car. Anyway, so they then got this bright idea to shoot it inside and play baseball with it. So some of our managers and DJ's tried to hit the balls as they came out of the cannon, then we ran out of CO2 and all the fun was over. It was so funny to see a bunch of grown men get so excited over a t-shirt cannon. Like I said, there is rarely a dull moment around here.