It seems the trend of reuniting boy bands just keeps on going. First, New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys announcing a combined comeback tour for this summer.  Now it seems New Edition will join them on the road.

Appearing on ABC's The View on Wednesday, Bobby Brown told co-hosts Sherri Sheperd and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, "The good news I want to announce is New Edition has gotten back together. Also, we will be doing an album some time in the near future and a big tour."

Bobby left New Edition in 1985 to embark on what was initially a successful solo career. It wasn’t until the mid-90s that the five original members -- with the addition of Johnny Gill, whom replaced Bobby when he left -- got back together to record the album Home Again. However, just before the group set off for a tour, Bobby and fellow member Michael Bivins up and quit. (ABCePrep)

With all this reunion hype and excitement, one question begs to be asked -- Where you at, ‘N SYNC?

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