Residents of the St. Louis area of Tyler could soon have a new park opening up in their neighborhood thanks to a land donation. The City of Tyler's Parks and Recreation Department will soon hold meetings to discuss what features the community would like to see in the park.

The nine-acre tract was donated to the city by TB and Gladys Stewart's estate that includes the home that they built from the ground up. Specific meeting times have not been set up as of yet to discuss the parks future, Tyler Parks and Recreation Director Stephanie Rollings says they hope to get resident input within the next 30 days. The department has already hired a park planner and once the public meetings have begun, a master plan will be drawn up with construction starting soon after that, but funds on the parks construction will have to be discussed as well.

The new park is located at 2713 Frankston Hwy. and the park could possibly be named the Stewart Family Park. However that's a working name because the department unveiled a sign with that name this past October, but it could be changed.