I had grand plans to ring in the year 2021. I even put my New Year's glasses on our cat, Fluffy.

Fluffy New Year 2021
Reesha Cosby

I woke up this morning and even though I had five (5) great meal ideas for New Year's Eve, I had a hankering for some Filipino food. I grabbed my phone and went to the YouTube app to look up recipes for tasty Pancit and Lumpia dishes. I got out of bed and checked the pantry to make sure I had all of the right ingredients and took note of which items I would need to purchase from the store.

I got cleaned up and dressed myself to go to the grocery store and walked into my daughter's room to see if she wanted me to add anything special to the grocery list. She said no and then rolled over in her bed and pulled the blankets over her face. She wanted to sleep in today and apparently, I had just disturbed her beauty sleep slumber.

I went to the store to get garlic, a red onion, a jalapeno, a calamansi (which I had never heard of before but it is a fruit that is in between a lime, lime, and tangerine and is used in many Filipino dishes), but the store did not carry it. I also got myself some bubbly to ring in the new year with. I stopped by the gas station to fill up my tank on the way home.

I got home and took out all of the groceries but felt tired from all of the shopping. I no longer had the strength nor desire to cook anything.

I ended up ordering a Domino's Pizza and plopped in front of the TV to watch The Flight Attendant. I fell asleep before 9 p.m. and woke up when my phone rang from a friend who wished me a happy new year and another friend who asked if I wanted to have a Zoom chat. The Zoom chat was so much fun and the highlight of my day.

When I got off the video call, Fluffy the Cat crawled on my arm and promptly went to sleep on me. It seems he didn't give a da** about celebrating the New Year either, despite the loud fireworks going off outside our home, so I went back to watching The Flight Attendant and fell asleep before midnight.

What a way to ring in 2021!

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